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On the last day of Pre-K, my son came home and proudly showed me “a book all about him”.  It was a student portfolio documenting his learning with math, reading, writing, geography, art, and so much more.  My favorite part were the pictures of him throughout the school year. My goodness how much he had grown and changed!  I had already forgotten. I could see why he treasured it and was so excited to show me. He had learned so much in Pre-K and this portfolio gave us a small glimpse of his hardwork.


As I flipped through it the 100th time, I realized I was a fool for never doing this for any of my students or families. I knew I needed to make it effortless, while still being valuable.

So here it is… 11 pages of what you’ve always needed to document student learning for the whole year!!! And not by just using paper pencil assessments! Student portfolios allow you to collect students’ projects and assignments, while also documenting their learning through photographs. The best part is how students are actively involved in their progress and learning. This is a great tool for teacher and student lead conferences any time of the year.

Student Portfolio Checklist and Organization by Rescue Your Dreams

What’s Included…

– How to use the student portfolio
– An extensive checklist of student work and photograph ideas to include in each portfolio.
– Four front cover choices
– About the author page
– Student self reflection pages
– Seasonal page dividers to stay organzied
– Seasonal pages for your photographs
– Student handprint activity

All this for the very low price of $1.50!  I promise skipping out on Starbucks one morning will be worth it. :) Just head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download.

Rescue Your Dreams

-♥- Amanda


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