*let’s flamingle*

Flamingle from Rescue Your DreamsYes you read that correctly!  When you throw a flamingo themed birthday party for your two year old daughter and know people will mingle around, you of course have a FLAMINGLE!  I was a little apprehensive about finding anything flamingo that didn’t involve a luau. But, it turns out flamingos are quite popular these days.

Here are my Flamingle tips for any party:

  1. Pick at least two colors for your theme. One color can be boring or even overwhelming. I obviously choose pink and used aqua and lime green as accents.  Picking colors for your party makes it much easier to decorate and the party will be more cohesive when the plates, napkins, table cloths, decorations, etc. match.

    Flamingle from Rescue Your Dreams
  2. Have a decorated dessert table. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s very easy and always adorable. I suggest having at least two desserts because not everyone will enjoy the same things. Dust off those cute serving platters or cake plates and your desserts instantly look better! Hang a banner or some decorations behind the dessert table and don’t forget to label your desserts!  I used these adorable printables from Chicfetti.  
    Flamingle from Rescue Your Dreams
  3. Print your own banners as an easy and more personal decoration. I like using my children’s name or their age. There are a gazillion free banners on Pinterest.  Just find what you like, print, and cut!  If there is a theme for your party, like flamingos, look for clip art you can print on card stock to make your own themed banner. Mini Style has these adorable flamingos I used for the banners and in the flowers.
    Flamingle from Rescue Your Dreams Flamingle from Rescue Your Dreams
  4. Make your own personalized T-shirt everyone will adore.  DO NOT purchase one on Etsy!  Save your money!  I once spent $45 dollars on two personalized onesies. While they were very cute, I realized I could have probably made them myself.  Find a cute basic t-shirt and iron on letters from a craft store.  You can create a shirt with their age, their name, saying “birthday boy” or “birthday girl”, or an image matching the theme.  I spent less than $10 and 10 minutes making this one.
    Flamingle Party from Rescue Your Dreams

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