*4th of july mantel*

4th of July Mantel by Rescue Your Dreams

Target’s “Dollar” Spot and I have a great relationship.  I need cute and cheap seasonal items and can always count on them to provide.  I do not decorate my entire house for each holiday or season, but I do love decorating my fireplace mantel. Even though it’s the end of May, I’m putting up these 4th of July cuties. I figure if Target is selling them…I should be using them!  Plus, I don’t have to change it for another 2 1/2 months.  Bonus!

4th of July Mantel by Rescue Your Dreams

Here’s what you can do to create your own 4th of July mantel:

  1. Search for 4th of July decorations. Obviously stop by Target’s “Dollar” spot.  Even though not everything is a dollar, the most you will pay for an item is $5.  The Dollar Store, Walmart, Micheal’s, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnne Fabrics are other great places to find goodies as well.
  2. Don’t spend more than $20 on your vignette! I will not buy a seasonal item if it costs more than $5.  You are only using it for a short amount of time.  And with all the places you can find cheap holiday decorations, you don’t need to spend a lot.
  3. Search for free printables online. There are a gazillion to choose from.  You can obviously put them in a frame, but think creatively too.  I taped the smaller printable inside a white crate.  I liked the dimension and character it brought to my vignette. You can find the 4th of July Subway art HERE and the Proud to be an American printable HERE. 
    4th of July Mantel by Rescue Your Dreams
    4th of July Mantel by Rescue Your Dreams
  4. Layer your pieces! It’s OK to put items in front of one another.  Notice I even have a banner on top of another banner. Your mantel will look much more interesting.
  5. Incorporate some of your older pieces. I love how the stack of old books, the crackled white window, and ball jar add more character to the mantel.
  6. Add different textures.  I have burlap, twine, cloth, pallet board, glass, paper, wood, and metal.  Combining these elements will make your display more dramatic.
  7. Don’t always use items for their intended purpose.  Remember the white crate I used for a picture frame? And you would never know, but the wooden stars are actually a banner.  I took it apart and placed the red and blue ones on top of the window.  I used the white ones to add more layers and dimension.  To make the white stars “pop”, I drew a design with a red and blue sharpie.
  8. Try, Try, and Try again!  It takes me a few days to be happy with the final product.  I’ll move things around several times.  It will not be perfect right out of the gate, so just have fun and let your creativity flow.

4th of July Mantel by Rescue Your Dreams

Happy 4th of July and Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda


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