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Ten Winter Writing Activities

January and February are the hardest months for teachers!  We have spent the last two months looking at endless amounts of super cute holiday themed writing and now….nada!  So way back in October,  I started challenging myself to think of creative writing activities to do over the blah winter months.  This packet has TEN of them and is over 35 pages long!  I wanted something for students to use in a writing center or in my writer’s workshop. I also wanted activities with different ways to brainstorm, like using story elements, lists, beginning/middle/end, thinking maps, etc. Each writing activity has its own lesson plan, brainstorming sheets, and writing paper.  This is certainly what all K-2 teachers need to add a little fun in their students’ writing this winter! Click HERE or on the image above for your winter fun!

Here are the Ten Writing Topics:
1. Two Winter Acrostic Poems
2. Winter Diamante (Diamond) Poem
3. Would You Rather…an opinion piece
4. Edible Snowman Craftivity
5. My Five Senses in Winter
6. The Hot Chocolate Mystery
7. Snowman Craftivity
8. Polar Bears and Penguins Informational Book
9. My Winter Break
10. Persuasive Letter to Cupid

Rescue Your Winter Writing Dreams!


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