*diy flop*

diy flop...grippy socks

Have you ever seen a DIY clip or found a Pinterest idea and thought it would change your world? I sure have and it was a tutorial on making grippy socks for your kids. For most this is not life altering, but for me it was!  Our downstairs is mostly hardwood and tile, which means lots of wipe outs.

So because the mighty sock gods haven’t created all socks to be skid free, I thought I could fix this problem on my own.  Before running to the craft store, I watched a tutorial clip and followed up on Pinterest to make sure I had everything I needed. My son and I quickly came home and puffy painted his and my daughter’s socks.  We were so excited and could hardly wait for them to dry!

Well folks I’m here to say it was a huge disappointment!  The socks did not become skid free and I would dare say became more slippery.  I even went out two more times to get different types of puffy paint.  Nothing works! Even the puffy paint filled with glitter doesn’t provide any traction.

diy flop...grippy socks

I have even tried covering the entire bottom of the sock with puffy paint.  Nada! The only difference is now my son says all his socks feel funny when he walks.  Bummer! Don’t be fooled or get your hopes up like mine. I am sad to say this is a huge DIY FLOP!

Rescue your sock dreams!

-♥- Amanda

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