*revamped lacing cards*

revamped lacing cards

Most mommas or teachers have used lacing cards at some point.  They are fantastic for improving fine motor skills by developing finger strength and the pincer grasp needed for writing.  My son doesn’t love to hold a pencil and write, but he does love to sew.  I’ve noticed how well his handwriting has improved simply from doing lacing cards.  You can find them at the dollar store, the dollar spot at Target, or any teaching store.  I personally like the wooden ones because they are more durable and can be used over an over.  However, the card stock versions are cheeper and can be printed yourself.  Here’s a link to amazon with many wooden versions. Or click here for many free printable ones on Pinterest.

As much as I love our lacing cards, I wanted them to be more educational.  I think most teachers understand the desire to make as many learning opportunities from one activity as possible. But instead of buying new lacing cards,  I have revamped the ones I already have!

Here’s what you need…a sharpie marker.  Yep! That’s it! Now turn your lacing cards over so you see a blank canvas.  To make these more educational, think of things in a sequence or an order.  The alphabet, counting in order to 100, spelling, and skip counting by 5s or 10s is a great start.

how to revamp your lacing cards

Draw a star next to one hole to indicate where you want your child to start.  Now think of a sequence for your child to practice. My son needs practice with numbers in the teens.  I started with 10 and wrote numbers to 19 at various holes on the lacing card.  I did not want the next number in the sequence to be next to each other on the card.  I wanted him to have to think what number comes next and have to find it on the card.  You could do this activity with spelling words too! I chose to use color words. Since my son is just learning color words,  I wanted the letters to go in order around the card.  You could also do high frequency words, number words, or even names in your child’s family.

I hope you are inspired to grab those lacing cards and revamp them!

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