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Ready for the EASIEST game ever?!? Go find your stash of stickers.  I know you have basket or drawer full of them somewhere in the house!   Kids seem to accumulate them from the doctor, dentist, grocery store, school, birthday parties, etc.  And of course you can’t throw them away!  Well do I have a solution for you… a sticker hunt! I originally created this game to help my son with his fine motor skills. Picking up stickers and placing them on paper works on their pincer grasp (using your thumb and pointer finger). But this is NOT a sit in your seat kind of game.

Materials: You will need your stash of stickers and a notebook.  That’s it!  My son recently added the stop watch and it’s been a fun twist.

sticker hunt materials

Here’s how you play:

1) Hide around 10-15  stickers in a single room.  Place them high up so your child has to climb on furniture, under tables and chairs so they can crawl, and on the ground so they have to squat down.

2) Tell your child how many stickers they are looking for.  This step is important!  It will help remind you how many you hid and reinforce their counting and adding skills.

3) As your child finds a sticker, they go back and place it in their sticker book.  Ask questions like…

– How many do you have now? How many do you still need to find?  If you have 5 now, how many more do you need to get to 10?

4) Adding the stop watch:  Have your child use the stop watch to see how much time it takes for them to find all the stickers. They can practice reading the numbers on the stop watch to you.  Challenge them to beat their previous time.

sticker hunt

I hope your family enjoys their sticker hunt!

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