*how to make a Spring to Summer wreath*

Does your front door need jazzed up?  Don’t buy a boring wreath at a store!  Make one yourself!

How to make a Spring to Summer Wreath

I love this colorful yarn wreath!  It will transition from Spring to Summer perfectly! Here are the ALL the steps you will need, from designing the wreath to making the flowers. Please don’t get overwhelmed with all the steps!  I’m showing you how to make 5 different types of flowers.  You can simply master one type and fill your wreath with those!

Step One: Gather all of your supplies. (Wreath, yarn, fabric, felt, ribbon, scissors, and glue gun.)

Supplies for Spring to Summer Wreath

I wanted to make a yarn wreath, so I chose a Styrofoam wreath and thick gray yarn. Twine would be adorable too!  If you want an easier project, you could buy a twig wreath instead.  I chose coordinating fabric and felt to make my flowers.  I have three different fabrics and five different pieces of felt.  I could not pass up using this yellow chevron ribbon.  And last, but certainly never least, you will need your trusty glue gun!

Step Two: Make your yarn wreath.  (Or skip this part by using a twig wreath.)

This step is the easiest, but the longest.  I suggest sitting in front of a good movie to help pass the time.  Hot glue the end of the yarn to the wreath.  Start wrapping the yarn around and around… and around and around the wreath until it is all covered.  This is why you buy thick yarn; it covers more surface area. Although this is tedious, it is darling once it’s finished.  I’m so glad I made it!

Step Three: Make rolled cloth flowers.

Making rolled cloth flowers  Making rolled cloth flowers  Making rolled cloth flowers

1. Cut a long strip of fabric about an inch and half thick. The longer the strip, the bigger the flower.

2. Fold each side into the center,  so the sides touch in the middle.

3. Fold that part in half as well. You can tie a knot on one end or iron the fabric so it stays in place.

4. Start wrapping the folded fabric around itself in a circle.

3. Add a dab of hot glue as you go, so the flower will stay in place.

Cloth flowers

Here is another great tutorial for making these flowers.

Step 4: Make braided cloth flowers.  These are one of my favorites! Lots of color and dimension.

Making braided cloth flowersBraided Flowers

1.Take three coordinating fabrics and cut them into long half inch strips.

2. Tie the ends together in a knot.

3. Braid the pieces together.

4. Starting at the knot, wrap the braid around and around the knot.

5. Add a dab of hot glue as you go, so the flower will stay in place.

Step 5: Make Felt Roses. These are extremely easy!

How to make felt rosesFelt roses

1. Cut a circle out of felt.  You could trace a bowl, but I just eyeballed it. The bigger the circle, the bigger the flower.

2. Starting from the outside, cut a swirl until you reach the center of the circle.

4. Pick an end and start winding the felt around and around.

5.  Add a dab of hot glue as you go, so the flower will stay in place.

Step 6: Make two toned felt roses.  These are sooo super cute!

How to make two toned felt rosesFelt roses

1. Follow the EXACT same instructions as above. Easy huh?

2. To make a rose with two colors throughout, roll two felt swirls together at the same time.

3. To make a rose with a different colored center, make a tiny felt rose first.  Then, take a larger felt swirl and wrap around the small rose.

Step 7: Make felt chrysanthemums.

Cutting felt chrysanthemums   Making felt chrysanthemums   Making felt chrysanthemums

1. Cut a long piece of felt about and inch and a half thick.

2. Fold the ends in half.

3. Pick a side to cut. To make little looped chrysanthemums, cut little slits in the folded part of the felt. To make square petaled chrysanthemums, cut little slits along the outside edges. (See pictures above.) For tight petals, cut the slits close together.  For big petals, cut the slits far apart.

4.  Start rolling the the folded felt around itself.

5. Add a dab of hot glue as you go, so the flower will stay in place.


Here’s another great tutorial on making these flowers.

Step 8: Make felt leaves.

I used cream and green felt to make little leaves.  You can draw it on the felt first, or just cut with scissors.

Step 9: Time to Assemble! 

Arranging flowers on wreath

1. Arrange the flowers and leaves on your yarn wreath. I like to group similar flowers together. Once you have the arrangement you like, hot glue those bad boys on.

2. Wrap your ribbon around one side for visual interest.  You could also cut a little strip to glue on the back to make a hanger for your wreath.

You did it!  Doesn’t it look amazing?  So much better than anything you could buy at a store!  Now go proudly display your wreath on your front door or fireplace.

Spring to Summer Wreath

Rescue your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda

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