*get that goblin*

What do you do when you want to stay in your pjs, but you know your toddler needs to burn off some energy?  You GET. THAT. GOBLIN!

Get that Goblin       Get that Goblin

When you search for gross motor activities on Pinterest, you are inundated with suggestions.  Many sites offer over 563 ideas you have to painfully search through.  After clicking on 274 links, you realize you don’t have most of the supplies or you know the activity will only maintain your toddler’s attention for two seconds.  I promise Get That Goblin is worth it and you have everything you need!

You need a trash bag, permanent marker, some old wrapping paper, duck tape, and some string/ribbon/yarn. That’s it! Use the marker to draw a scary face on the front and back of the trash bag.  Think jack-o-lantern face, zig-zag mouth, angled eyebrows, and oval eyes. Have have your toddler crumble up some old wrapping paper and fill the trash bag.  Next,  you will tie yarn around the handles of the trash bag.  I tripled even quadrupled the thickness for extra strength.  Attach the string to the ceiling or door way with some duck tape.  I used about 8 strips that were 3 inches long. I put the tape on my clothes first, so it would lose a little bit of adhesion.  I didn’t want the duck tape to ruin my walls.

My son spent an hour punching, kicking, and running into the goblin.  He even got some cloth balls to throw at it and a plastic bat to hit it like a pinata. So much fun and burned off so much energy!

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-♥- Amanda

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