One great thing about having a girl…decorating her head! I LOVE headbands, but they can get super pricey.  You buy some, then two weeks later her head is bigger or you don’t have one to match the super cute outfit you just bought.  I have found the solution….just make it yourself! You can make them as simple or elaborate as you want. Sometimes I make my own flowers, which I will include in a later post, or sometimes I just buy them at the store.

You really only need a few items to make gorgeous headbands.  Go to the scrapbook section of a craft store and look for embellishments.  I was able to find a set of six soft flowers for $3.00.  Find bows or flowers in the sewing section.  You aren’t the first to make headbands and there are TONS of choices.  The back of the flowers will need felt to insure it is soft on your child’s head.  You can buy pre-cut felt circles or simply buy a sheet of felt and cut it to the size you want. The last thing you need is elastic ribbon.  You can find them in many colors, patterns, and widths.

Supplies for headbands

Here’s what you need to do. Wrap the elastic ribbon around your child’s head to get an accurate fit. From that point on the ribbon add about 1/2 inch.  Get you trusty glue gun and glue that extra 1/2 inch onto the other side to make a circle headband. Figure out how you want the headband to look.  One big bow, a group of three flowers, two at a diagonal…what ever you’d like. Arrange your flowers right where you just glued. This will cover up the glued seem. It’s OK if the elastic ribbon doesn’t go straight through your flower or bow. Once your embellishments are attached cut a piece of felt to cover the back of the flowers or bows.  This will not only make it soft and seamless, but will also secure the items you just glued.

items for 3 headbands

Want two head adornments in one? Buy a bow that is also a clip.  For this headband, you will not need felt. Once the circle headband is made, cut a little strip about 1/2 inch depending on the width of your ribbon. Glue that little strip perpendicular to the headband, like making a letter T. Now wrap that piece around back and glue.  Now you can slip the clip in and out!

Headband a clip example

Presto!  Three super easy super cute headbands! Want to know the best part?  Now when your child’s head is too big, all you have to do is cut the ribbon off and and a bigger one.

3 finished headbands

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-♥- Amanda

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