*no sand…no problem*

What do you do with a sand table in the winter?  Put it in the attic?  No way!  They make the best sensory and play tables.  Here are 5 ways we have used our sand table this winter.

Go Fish!  Fill the sand table with water and add magnetic letters.  We made fishing poles with craft sticks, string, and a magnet.  One of the fishing poles had paper clips on the end.  It wasn’t very strong in the water, so we took a magnet from the refrigerator.  My son loved this!  I would call out a letter or a sound.  He would try and catch that fish.

Fish for letters

Make Snow! This recipe feels and molds like real snow. We made snowmen, played with winter themed animals, wrote his name, and used kitchen utensils. Use 3 cups baking soda and 1/2 cup of white conditioner. We doubled the recipe to make more. Warning, learn from my mistake and get a conditioner that does not have a scent. The tropical sent was a bit much after a while.  I found the recipe here.

Make snow

Play with Legos! This is the best way to contain those death traps. It also makes playing so much easier for my son. The sand table allows him to sit up and gives him a hard service to build.

Lego table

Letters and Beans Construction Site! Another fun way to practice letter and sound recognition. I would tell my son which letters or sounds to find or my son would tell me what he dug up.

Beans and letters

Paint Ice or Snow! Embrace the winter season with this activity.  I had left over ice from a party, but you could also collect snow from outside to use. After some free paint time, we mixed colors to see what new colors we could create.

Paint ice

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-♥- Amanda

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