Oh how I love banners! They can make any party festive or any room whimsical.  I’m using them for my children’s playroom.  I want them to say, “play”, “learn”, and “imagine”. There are many options for banners.  You can have them created on Etsy, but they are too easy to spend that kind of money!  The easiest way to create a banner is to buy a pre-made banner from Target’s party spot.  They have several colors to choose from.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have the color or pattern I wanted.  So, I hopped over to Hobby Lobby to figure out a solution.

I purchased 6×6 scrapbook cardstock squares, but you could use any kind of scrapbook paper.  I also bought some beige twine.  At home, I collected my scissors, maker, rubber cement, ruler, and three hole punch.  For the letters, I created circles in Word and used a text box to insert the letters I needed.  This way you can pick any font and color. You could easily write the letters with a permanent marker though. You may need to get them laminated to insure durability.

Supplies for banner

First, I found the halfway point on my square of scrapbook paper.  I used my ruler and marker to make a triangle.  Then I cut out the triangle and put two holes across the top.


Second, I cut out the letters I made in Word and glued them on the banner triangles.

Letters for banners

Third, I wove the twine in between the holes to create my banner. Presto…cute banners!

Play bannerimagine banner

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda

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