*student portfolios*

On the last day of Pre-K, my son came home and proudly showed me “a book all about him”.  It was a student portfolio documenting his learning with math, reading, writing, geography, art, and so much more.  My favorite part were the pictures of him throughout the school year. My goodness how much he had grown and changed!  I had already forgotten. I could see why he treasured it and was so excited to show me. He had learned so much in Pre-K and this portfolio gave us a small glimpse of his hardwork.


As I flipped through it the 100th time, I realized I was a fool for never doing this for any of my students or families. I knew I needed to make it effortless, while still being valuable.

So here it is… 11 pages of what you’ve always needed to document student learning for the whole year!!! And not by just using paper pencil assessments! Student portfolios allow you to collect students’ projects and assignments, while also documenting their learning through photographs. The best part is how students are actively involved in their progress and learning. This is a great tool for teacher and student lead conferences any time of the year.

Student Portfolio Checklist and Organization by Rescue Your Dreams

What’s Included…

– How to use the student portfolio
– An extensive checklist of student work and photograph ideas to include in each portfolio.
– Four front cover choices
– About the author page
– Student self reflection pages
– Seasonal page dividers to stay organzied
– Seasonal pages for your photographs
– Student handprint activity

All this for the very low price of $1.50!  I promise skipping out on Starbucks one morning will be worth it. :) Just head on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store to download.

Rescue Your Dreams

-♥- Amanda


*winter writing activities*

Ten Winter Writing Activities

January and February are the hardest months for teachers!  We have spent the last two months looking at endless amounts of super cute holiday themed writing and now….nada!  So way back in October,  I started challenging myself to think of creative writing activities to do over the blah winter months.  This packet has TEN of them and is over 35 pages long!  I wanted something for students to use in a writing center or in my writer’s workshop. I also wanted activities with different ways to brainstorm, like using story elements, lists, beginning/middle/end, thinking maps, etc. Each writing activity has its own lesson plan, brainstorming sheets, and writing paper.  This is certainly what all K-2 teachers need to add a little fun in their students’ writing this winter! Click HERE or on the image above for your winter fun!

Here are the Ten Writing Topics:
1. Two Winter Acrostic Poems
2. Winter Diamante (Diamond) Poem
3. Would You Rather…an opinion piece
4. Edible Snowman Craftivity
5. My Five Senses in Winter
6. The Hot Chocolate Mystery
7. Snowman Craftivity
8. Polar Bears and Penguins Informational Book
9. My Winter Break
10. Persuasive Letter to Cupid

Rescue Your Winter Writing Dreams!


*word wall tic tac toe*

Word Work Tic Tac Toe image

I’m so excited my first product to purchase on Teachers Pay Teachers is now available.  It has been A LONG time coming.  This Word Work Tic-Tac-Toe is a fabulous collection of activities to practice spelling words, high frequency words, and content words. Students can choose between 9 fine motor, gross motor, partner, and independent activities. You can use it during whole group word work, science/social studies, literacy stations, and the Daily Five’s working on words. This product has everything you need to create independent learners! It’s also a great resource to leave for a guest teacher in your classroom. Click HERE or go to the TPT Store at the top of the website to download!

Now that part of your day is planned… go rescue your dreams!  Maybe take a nap?! Or maybe that’s just what I would do. :)

Rescue Your Dreams

-♥- Amanda

*back to school ABC order*

Back to School ABC order  The month of August fills teachers with a bundle of emotions. We are excited to purchase school supplies, we dread summer ending, and we are nervous about our new class. Let me help get your teacher planning started with this FREE Back to School Differentiated ABC order cut and glue activity! (Whew that was a mouth full!) The first is a basic ABC order with six words to sort. The most challenging contains twelve words to sort by the third letter. Use in whole class instruction, as a literacy center, for Working on Words, or as an assessment. The possibilities are endless! It would be an awesome practice activity for parents to use at home too!

Click HERE or on the image to download.

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda

*revamped lacing cards*

revamped lacing cards

Most mommas or teachers have used lacing cards at some point.  They are fantastic for improving fine motor skills by developing finger strength and the pincer grasp needed for writing.  My son doesn’t love to hold a pencil and write, but he does love to sew.  I’ve noticed how well his handwriting has improved simply from doing lacing cards.  You can find them at the dollar store, the dollar spot at Target, or any teaching store.  I personally like the wooden ones because they are more durable and can be used over an over.  However, the card stock versions are cheeper and can be printed yourself.  Here’s a link to amazon with many wooden versions. Or click here for many free printable ones on Pinterest.

As much as I love our lacing cards, I wanted them to be more educational.  I think most teachers understand the desire to make as many learning opportunities from one activity as possible. But instead of buying new lacing cards,  I have revamped the ones I already have!

Here’s what you need…a sharpie marker.  Yep! That’s it! Now turn your lacing cards over so you see a blank canvas.  To make these more educational, think of things in a sequence or an order.  The alphabet, counting in order to 100, spelling, and skip counting by 5s or 10s is a great start.

how to revamp your lacing cards

Draw a star next to one hole to indicate where you want your child to start.  Now think of a sequence for your child to practice. My son needs practice with numbers in the teens.  I started with 10 and wrote numbers to 19 at various holes on the lacing card.  I did not want the next number in the sequence to be next to each other on the card.  I wanted him to have to think what number comes next and have to find it on the card.  You could do this activity with spelling words too! I chose to use color words. Since my son is just learning color words,  I wanted the letters to go in order around the card.  You could also do high frequency words, number words, or even names in your child’s family.

I hope you are inspired to grab those lacing cards and revamp them!

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda



*Springtime Differentiated ABC order cut and paste*

Spring Differentiated ABC order

I’m beyond excited to release my first project on Teachers Pay Teachers!!!  I have used this forum extensively over the last few years. I love using items other teachers created instead of textbook companies. This activity will be the first of oh so many! It’s truly a creative outlet for me.

This FREE Springtime Differentiated ABC order cut and paste offers three versions of the same ABC order activity. The first is a basic ABC order with six words to sort. The most challenging contains twelve words to sort by the third letter. Use in whole class instruction, as a literacy center, for Working on Words, or as an assessment. The possibilities are endless! It would be an awesome practice activity for parents to use at home too! Click here or on the image to download.

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda

*free websites…yes please!*


I jumped for joy when I came across this link.  When teachers hear the word “free” they feel the need to get it… what ever is.  Because it’s free, we will find something to do with it.  Toilet paper rolls?  Oh yeah! Empty coffee cans?  You bet ya!  Left over yarn? Give it!  But 11 free websites?  Really?  Yes, it’s true!  I’ve used several of them in my classroom, but many were new to me.  In addition to using these websites at school, they would be great resources for parents.  Instead of playing games on your iphone at the restaurant, why not use these education websites?  Click on the picture to explore more!

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda