*unconventional storage*

Organization is my passion and I am giddy when I can find unconventional storage ideas.  Here are just a FEW I have around the house.

I use picnic baskets in my dining room to store big serving ware pieces. I love collecting dishes and need an overflow space.  For example,  I have a three tier platter I can’t fit in my kitchen cabinets or my dining room hutch.  These picnic baskets, from an antique store, are perfect.  They are deep, can easily be moved, and add character to my dining room.

Picnic baskets

Another option for storage is a bedroom dresser.  This one was actually in my nursery!  It has been painted several times over the years, but this is my favorite version.  I use it to store electronics I want easy access to and some of my kiddo’s toys.


When we renovated our kitchen, I decided to get rid of our old canister set.  But, I couldn’t really get rid of it.  It’s perfectly good storage after all!  They are now in my craft/office closet.  They house anything you can imagine. Stick a cute label on it and you’re set!

Kitchen Canister set

So the dollar spot at Target is my greatest weakness.  I will buy things, even if I don’t know what to do with them.  I couldn’t pass up these accordion file folders with awesome patterns.  I now have them hanging on a blank wall of my craft/office closet.  I never knew what to do with this empty space and this is the perfect solution.  I used heavy duty velcro to attach them to the wall. Be sure to put the scratchy part on the wall and the soft part on the file.  I can easily remove the accordion file folder when I need to take it someplace else.  It’s great storage for scrapbook pieces, bills, and different printer paper.

File folders with velcro

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda

*my favorite!*

Some people count sheep as they sleep.  I count the many ways I can use Ball Jars. Seriously, I can’t get enough of these glass canning jars.  It started when my husband brought home boxes of them from his mother’s house.  I remember asking, “What in the world are we going to do with all these?  We don’t even can food!”  Oh how silly I was!  They are inexpensive if you go to antique stores or Goodwill.  Because they are clear, you can see what you are storing. Plus, they are so darn cute! Now, I’m always looking for new ways to use my favorite organizational tool.  Below are a few ways I use them to organize items all around the house.

Ball Jars in Bathroom

To organize the bathroom. They are great for makeup and makeup tools as well.

Ball Jars in the Laundry room

To organize all those little things in your laundry room.

Ball Jars to store ribbons Ball Jars to store craft supplies

To organize all your craft items.  The possibilities here are endless!

Rescue Your Dreams!

-♥- Amanda